Best place in NY to find a great Craft Beer, Black Sheep Inn and Spa

Best place in NY to find a great Craft Beer

April 11, 2018 | All Posts, Packages

Keuka Lake Beer Trail

Like many places throughout the country, here in the Finger Lakes, the past few years have seen an explosion of new Craft Beer producers pop up in the landscape.  The Keuka Lake Beer Trail, well, wasn’t quite a trail at the time, started in 2008, with one lonely brewery, and has since grown to six award-winning Craft Breweries.

Specifically here in New York State, we’ve seen legislation with the Farm Brewery Act of 2012 that has spurred this growth.  An important feature of the Farm Brewery Act pertains to the requirements that each brewery must use New York State grown products, like hops.  With a graduated timeline, the percentage of NYS ingredients ramps up to no less than 90% beginning in January 2024.  This timeframe is designed to allow for startup time for growers of hops and other ingredients to expand their production to meet the demand of the growing Farm Brewery movement.

Not always the case with legislation, whether local, state or federal, this proactive move on the part of New York legislators not only boosts the creation of small breweries, but has helped create a brand new market for NYS grown, beer-making ingredients.  It certainly seems like a win-win scenario, it just took a while to get there.  This Act followed in the footsteps of the Farm Winery Act of 1976, which opened the door for the numerous wineries you see today in the Finger Lakes.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to our beer.  To celebrate the remarkable beer being brewed around Keuka Lake, we have reinvented our popular Finger Lakes Beer Trail Package here at the Black Sheep Inn and Spa.  You will get to sample multiple tastings from our four different brewery partners, Abandon BrewingBrewery of Broken DreamsLyonsmith Brewing, and Steuben Brewing.  Though it will be hard to choose a favorite, you’ll have to do it to fill your Signature, insulated stainless steel growler, which is included in your package.  You’ll also get a special beer-related gift from the Inn and a Black Sheep Guild card too.

To reserve your package or to find more information about the Finger Lakes Beer Trail Package, our distinctive accommodations, and our Farm to Table breakfasts, visit us online at

Everyone needs to believe in something.  I believe I’ll have another Finger Lakes beer!

Marc and Deb

Innkeepers at the Black Sheep Inn and Spa