We love your referrals!, Black Sheep Inn and Spa

We love your referrals!

Referring back to our earlier blog about the benefits of being an Innkeeper, we talked specifically about how the best part of our job is our time spent with you, our guests. With this in mind, we figure that everyone has friends that are just as special as they are, so we encourage you to send them our way.

As any small business can attest, there is no better complement to the service you provide than customer referrals.  Over the years, we have had the great pleasure to have guests return for a visit and bring friends along to experience the Finger Lakes first hand. One of the best things about guest referrals is the elimination of that “unknown” aspect of traveling to a destination for the first time.

When you tell a friend or family member about the great time you had in the Finger Lakes, you’ll probably include a favorite winery or two or the new restaurant in the village that just opened this year.  We want to encourage you to put the Black Sheep Inn and Spa on your list of recommendations.  Your first-hand experience staying with us can really help spread the word about all that we do here at the Inn, and how important it is to us to help you have a memorable trip.

Through our own outreach into our community and tourism destination we have located great hikes, beautiful waterfalls, and interesting attractions that may be a little bit off the beaten path, but are hidden gems, nonetheless.  We are always excited to share our favorite spots with you, and in turn, with your friends and family when they visit us.  Though not undiscovered, it is these less discovered places that can really make your Finger Lakes trip even more special.

The Black Sheep Inn and Spa is your home away from home, centrally located to all of the great places and people in the Finger Lakes, and we love to share the best of our region with you and anyone you send our way.  As a special thank you for referring your “peeps” to us, mention this blog post and we will send you a signature Keuka Lake stained glass heart created in our very own F.L.A.V.O.R. Studio.

We’re excited to host your friends and families!